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Who we are...

The Vimukti school was was founded in 1989 in Cochin, India under the aegis of Mar Gregorios Charitable Society. This special school caters to the needs of mentally challenged children and young adults.

What we do…

At Vimukti, each student gets individual attention according to his or her own specific disabilities. A dedicated and well trained staff manages 49 students with varied handicaps, ranging in age from 4 to 40 years. The students are trained vocationally. Vimukti School is one of the few institutions where we employ students vocationally trained by us.

What we have done ....

"Love never ceases to hope."

With this theme as our guiding spirit, Vimukti School has successfully completed 12 years of service to the mentally challenged children in the industrial belt of Kerala, India. The School has, at present, on its register 51 students of varied handicaps, IQ level and of different ages. The School and the vocational section have progressed and stabilized. We have tried to keep the child with special needs and his well being at the centre of our plan for growth and development. Over the years, a total of 177 students have been registered in the school and trained to become independent and useful members of the society. Our students are also encouraged and trained in cultural and sports activities.

See Also: A very special place for special children A pictorial essay on why Vimukti School is special - by the sister of a student at Vimukti.

What you can do…

Vimukti is a non profit institution with no government grants at its disposal. All activities are carried solely with the help of donations and monetary support provided by caring individuals and social organizations like the Rotary Club.

Most of our students are from the lower socio economic strata and are unable to afford the tuition. Please consider contributing towards a brighter future for these children by sponsoring a student or participating in our annual fund raisers. 

For a mere 50 cents a day, you can provide care and training for a mentally challenged child.

Please see the ways you can help...

We make a living by what we get
but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

More About Us

A Dream Come True - Report 2007
We are now able to physically separate the School upstairs and the Vocational Centre downstairs. The school upstairs is airy and there is plenty of space for the students to run around and happily play.

Photo Album

Vimukti Goes Green and Clean
Vimukti is more than a special school. It is also a place where the students know how to respect nature and conserve its resources. Dr Leela Chacko looks at the Green and Clean campaign at the school.

A Very Special Place for Special Children
Shanti George looks at what makes Vimukti School so special.

Vimukti Means Freedom
Freedom implies dignity and independence, hope and happiness. And that is precisely what Vimukti School provides its "special" students.

A Sustained Liberation Campaign
Dr. Leela Chacko, Director of Vimukti School looks at the current challenges facing the school and how it has changed when the school opened.

How You as An Individual or as a Group Can Help Vimukti School?
It is so simple and easy to help Vimukti School and you don't have to break your bank to do it. Here are some ideas.

Excerpts From The Visitors’ Diary
Most of the visitors to the school are pleasantly surprised by how well the school is run - the dedication of its teachers, sustained love of the hundreds of volunteers, and staff. Here are a few excerpts from the Visitors Book maintained in the school. Now you can leave electronic feedback too. Use our GuestBook or Feedback to contact the school.

How are we organized


Yohan’s Sister
The sister of a "special person" reflects on the influence he had on her and how that has changed her outlook on life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Handicapped Children

How to contact us...


Postal address
Dr. Leela Chacko
Director, Vimukti Special School,
Hidayath Nagar Rd., HMT Colony,
P.O. Kalamassery - 683 503,
Kerala, India

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